The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum of art and history in The Netherlands, featuring nearly one million items. Most notably the museum is home to 400 masterpieces of the Golden Age, 20 Rembrandts and several other works from the 17th Century. The Rijksmuseum (meaning State Museum in English) is a Dutch national museum located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam neighboring the nearby Van Gogh Museum and the Concertgebouw. The entrance to the building is situated at the Stadhouderskade. The facility is dedicated to arts, history, and crafts. It boasts a large collection of Asian art along with those items already mentioned. The current Rijksmuseum was erected in 1876 after a contest was held to determine its architecture. Pierre Cuypers won with his design that combined gothic and renaissance elements. The museum officially opened at its new location July 13, 1885. In 1890, a fragment building was added to the structure. This segment was made out of fragments of demolished buildings depicting a history of Dutch architecture. In 1906, the hall of Rembrandt's ìThe Night Watchî was rebuilt. The building has had some minor renovations and expansions from that time on. Beginning in 2003, the entire building underwent renovations and restorations that won't be completed until 2010. This construction is based on a design created by Spanish architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz.





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